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Specialty Orthotics – Brampton Physiocare & Wellness

Many of us suffer from chronic foot pain and think there’s nothing to be done about it. Fortunately, treatment through orthotics in Brampton is available. This treatment corrects the foot’s structural problems with footwear inserts. High arches, “flat feet,” and alignment issues can create extreme pain throughout heels, soles, ankles, the forefoot, knees, and extend up to the hip joints and spine.

Over-the-Counter “Remedies”

When visiting a local pharmacy or drugstore, there may be a shelf full of insoles and arch supports that supposedly support the foot and alleviate pain. For lesser problems, these might create short-term relief. For those of us suffering from chronic pain resulting from a deeper physical issue, such items could be virtually useless. A one-size-fits-all insert isn’t designed to correct individual structural concerns. When getting custom made orthotics from Brampton Physiocare and Wellness you can save money by having something long-lasting built just for you, made specifically to correct your problems and reduce or remove pain from your life.

orthotics treatment bramptonHow It Works

If you are a middle-aged individual or someone who is in chronic foot pain, you can find relief in our orthotics for feet and live a pain-free life. Foot orthoses are prescription medical devices worn inside the shoes to resolve biomechanical foot issues. Since all feet are not created equal, Brampton Physiocare & Wellness Clinic offers custom foot orthotics to ensure maximum comfort, whether you are standing, walking, or running. Our foot health professionals have the right expertise and qualifications to help improve your quality of life. To provide you with the right orthotic treatment for flat feet, we will carefully assess your condition and come up with the most desirable solution.

First, you’ll schedule a consultation with one of our licensed foot health professionals. They’ll examine your feet and listen to your concerns. Based on this exam, the therapist can identify your condition(s) and custom design an orthotic insert just for you. After about a week, you’ll return to us and be given instructions on how to benefit most from your orthotic inserts.

Because the “device” (though it’s really just a new insole for your shoes) is made to help address physiological problems like imbalance and misalignment, you’ll check in with us periodically to discuss your progress and the success of the treatment. Inserts can be made to fit most shoes that have a back to them, including strapped sandals. You won’t have to sacrifice style for health.

If you think orthotics in Brampton might be a viable solution for your aches and pains, please come see us soon. Why spend hundreds of dollars, trying out random “OTC” shoe inserts when you have the solution at your fingertips? Punch in our number: (905) 497-1311 today; we’re ready to resolve your pain issues together.