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Experience Acupuncture Benefits in Brampton

Chinese acupuncture, based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is a proven medical application for centuries but has only in recent years been embraced more fully by Western medicine. Based on the practice/philosophy that each person has vital energy (“qi” or “chi”) that needs equal distribution throughout the human body, acupuncture service is provided worldwide and helpful in reducing stress and pain.

Here are some acupuncture health benefits Brampton patients can get:

  • acupuncture bramptonRelieves chronic pain (back pain, neck tension, and arthritis)
  • Helps prevent headaches and migraines
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Helps improve the body’s immune system
  • Heightens mental clarity
  • Reduces the symptoms of insomnia
  • Reduces cigarette cravings and promotes lung tissue repair
  • Boosts cancer recovery following chemotherapy
  • Minimizes the risk of injuries due to repetitive strain

Patients seeking acupuncture in Brampton can get this kind of help from our licensed and qualified therapists.
Acupuncture is frequently recommended by general physicians, sports medicine doctors, and many other healthcare professionals to provide pain relief and healing. Many of our patients have found acupuncture in Brampton to be incredibly therapeutic.

What Areas Does Acupuncture Treat?

The Chinese practice of acupuncture is founded on the idea that energy flows through pathways in the body. If certain points are blocked, health problems manifest and discomfort arises. Chinese acupuncture can help anyone suffering from:

  • Joint issues
  • Muscle aches and strains
  • Heart problems
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Cancer patients have also found acupuncture to be beneficial.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture uses thin needles to pierce certain points of the body where a person’s “qi” may be blocked, causing sickness or stress. The needles are used only one time on one patient, and then they’re thrown into a safe disposal bin, never to be used again. The gentle insertion of these needles a few millimetres into the skin can restore the flow of that energy and regulate it.

Your Quality Acupuncture Clinic

Brampton Physiocare and Wellness Clinic has experienced therapists and acupuncturists on staff who can provide various healing and pain relieving treatments. Combining a long-trusted Chinese practice with modern technology, acupuncture in Brampton is a popular service.

To schedule acupuncture consultation or an appointment, you can call us at (905) 497-1311. Our therapists are ready to provide the right treatment plan for you.