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It doesn’t matter whether you participate in a “contact sport” like football or hockey – even badminton, basketball, tennis and swimming have their share of repetitive and acute injuries. Most athletes, be they professional or recreational, want to get back to feeling good and competing as quickly as possible. If left untreated, injuries can create lifelong physical problems and chronic pain. By offering sports therapy in Brampton, our clinic intends to assist and prevent additional injury and discomfort.

Different Modalities for Maximum Wellness

Sports therapy in Brampton involves a number of innovative treatments beyond massage and acupuncture – we use the medical advances available from therapeutic hot and cold temperature application, lasers, and electricity to relieve strain and stress on muscles and joints. Our goal is to get your body functional for life, and, additionally, for you to participate in the activities you love.

We take pride in providing state-of-the-art sports therapy to Brampton clients. Our licensed, experienced therapists also teach in-clinic and at-home exercises to build strength and prevent additional injury and/or pain. While we want every client to leave each session feeling better, we also want to help create a lifestyle of strength and health. We’ll discuss all the ways to improve your recovery and make it as speedy as possible and live a life with a flexible body, devoid of pain.

With a better understanding of how our anatomy affects us, and how your own body works, you’ll be able to return to sports activities with greater confidence, knowing you’re taking care of yourself.

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