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Our therapists will do everything they can to make sure that your treatment and recovery will be successful.


We provide a variety of services to ensure clients that they can get appropriate treatment for their condition.


Our friendly and highly skilled professionals are always available to provide assistance to our clients.


Clients have the assurance that they can get excellent service every time they visit our clinic.

Brampton Physiocare & Wellness Clinic provide a wide array of therapy and wellness programs that can help in the treatment of orthopaedic and neurological disorders. When you visit us for a consultation, our dedicated team of experts will devise a treatment plan to address your specific needs. We understand that each patient has different needs; that is why we do our best to develop individualized treatment plans for them.

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Physiotherapy Services

Visit us and allow our professionals to check your condition and determine an appropriate treatment.

Brampton Physiocare accupuncture

Acupuncture Services

Get Quality Acupuncture in Brampton Chinese acupuncture based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) is a proven medical application for centuries, but has only in recent years been embraced more fully by Western medicine. Based on the practice/philosophy that each person has vital energy (“qi” or “chi”) that needs equal distribution throughout the human body, […]

Brampton Physiocare Chiropractor

Chiropractor Services

Caring Chiropractic in Brampton Many doctors treat acute symptoms and forget that the body’s musculoskeletal system ties everything together. Our brain controls our ability to walk, stand, and move in conjunction with the spine that and skeleton that provide support. Our brains send signals or instructions to all parts of our anatomy through the spinal […]

Brampton Physiocare MassageTherapy

Massage Therapy Services

Massage Therapy in Brampton Many of us spend our days sitting at a desk or keyboard. It comes as no surprise that, eventually, we develop stiffness and pain in our backs. Our bodies become fatigued and often we’re not sitting properly for hoursat a time. For pain relief and increased mobility, seek excellent massage therapy […]

Brampton Physiocare orthotics

Orthotics Services

Specialty Orthotics – Brampton Physiocare & Wellness Many of us suffer with chronic foot pain and think there’s nothing to be done about it. Fortunately, treatment through orthotics in Brampton is available. This treatment corrects the foot’s structural problems with footwear inserts. High arches, “flat feet,” and alignment issues can create extreme pain throughout heels, […]

Brampton Physiocare physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Services

PHYSIOTHERAPY- BRAMPTON PHYSIOCARE AND WELLNESS Limitations in the movement of our body caused by accidents, lifelong athletic activity, illness, or other medical reasons can be improved through physiotherapy from Brampton Physiocare and Wellness Clinic. Multiple Approaches Physiotherapy in Brampton doesn’t simply include massage. We may provide ultrasound, laser, electrical, application of hot and cold and […]

Brampton Physiocare Sports Therayp

Sports Therapy Services

SPORTS THERAPY- BRAMPTON PHYSIOCARE AND WELLNESS It doesn’t matter whether you participate in a “contact sport” like football or hockey – even badminton, basketball, tennis and swimming have their share of repetitive and acute injuries. Most athletes, be they professional or recreational, want to get back to feeling good and competing as quickly as possible. […]

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Blogs and Updates

massage oil
20 Jun

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Massage

Like many other service providers, massage therapists have some guidelines for managing client behaviour. Some examples of misconduct during massage therapy can get some less aware clients into a considerable amount of trouble. To avoid any undesirable outcome, pay close attention to these guidelines. Do: Arrive on time – Massage facilities advise clients to arrive […]

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How Custom Orthotics Work
20 Feb

How Custom Orthotics Work

If you have recurring issues with your feet or back, it may be time to think about custom orthotics. These devices fit into shoes, aligning feet to improve your gait and posture. A custom-made pair is measured to address your specific physical issues and provide relief. Some positive aspects of orthotics include:     1. […]

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Benefits of Acupuncture
14 Feb

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medical approach that is steadily becoming more widespread. If you are curious about acupuncture, here are some benefits you can expect, including: 1. Migraine relief – Studies performed on people suffering from migraines and other headaches showed a decrease in headache intensity (and the number of headache days experienced) after acupuncture treatment. […]

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