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16 Jan

When is Lower Back Pain Serious?

Lower back pain is a common health challenge experienced by 80 percent of people at least once in their lifetime. It can be intermittent and piercing  — or painful and constant. The intensity of symptoms may not be the only factor to consider. Its cause may inform both the severity and seriousness of your pain. […]

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14 Dec

Ice Skating Safety Tips

Ice skating is an enjoyable winter activity that offers many benefits to adults and children alike. It teaches balance and coordination and is a great way to get some exercise and quality family time. There is, of course, some risk of falling and being injured on the ice, especially if you’re still learning how to […]

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09 Aug

Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy isn’t just relaxing; it’s used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Considered a healing practice in several cultures, massage therapy can help remove toxins from the body, improving your health and well-being. A regular visit to a massage therapist can play an important role in improving and maintaining optimal health. Massage therapy offers […]

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09 Jul

Foot Pain and What You Can Do about It

Foot pain can interfere with normal life, especially if it becomes unbearable. This pain has several causes, which may involve different parts of the foot (e.g. the Achilles tendon, the heel, or the toes).   Some causes of foot pain and how you can deal with them include: Calluses – Calluses are the body’s way […]

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20 Jun

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Massage

Like many other service providers, massage therapists have some guidelines for managing client behaviour. Some examples of misconduct during massage therapy can get some less aware clients into a considerable amount of trouble. To avoid any undesirable outcome, pay close attention to these guidelines. Arrive on time – Massage facilities advise clients to arrive 5 […]

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20 Feb

How Custom Orthotics Work

If you have recurring issues with your feet or back, it may be time to think about custom orthotics. These devices fit into shoes, aligning feet to improve your gait and posture. A custom-made pair is measured to address your specific physical issues and provide relief. Some positive aspects of orthotics include:     1. […]

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14 Feb

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medical approach that is steadily becoming more widespread. If you are curious about acupuncture, here are some benefits you can expect, including: 1. Migraine relief – Studies performed on people suffering from migraines and other headaches showed a decrease in headache intensity (and the number of headache days experienced) after acupuncture treatment. […]

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25 Jan

How to Commit to a Regular Exercise Routine

Most of us understand that exercise is good for us and though we may be aware of its many benefits, some of us tend to delay engaging in regular physical activity. Some reasons we neglect our bodies include:     Prioritizing leisure activities Lacking motivation Preoccupation with work Frustration if we don’t see quick results […]

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14 Jan

Laser Therapy Benefits

Physiotherapy treatment can address the needs of clients suffering from injuries and acute or chronic conditions. Several therapeutic devices are often employed to help relieve pain and promote healing. One approach that modern clinics use is laser therapy, which uses photons of light to help reduce pain while encouraging healing. It is used for a […]

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11 Dec

Keeping Feet Healthy during the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be fun, joyous, chaotic, and stressful all at the same time. Throughout the winter holidays, many of us are busy decorating our homes, shopping for presents, standing and cooking for hours, and running errands. According to Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine: “75 percent of Canadians will experience foot health problems in […]

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