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What Makes a Great Chiropractor?

Tips October 15, 2017

Many of us lead busy lives. We spend 8 to 9 hours at work, trying to complete every task before commuting home. This routine can take a toll on our health, and no even though we care for our bodies, eat a proper diet, and exercise regularly, stress can cause real physical pain and other complications.

What Makes a Great Chiropractor

Pain in the body is a signal that treatment of some sort is required. While some medical professionals might prescribe drugs to mask pain, chiropractors have a different, hands-on approach. Chiropractors are medical practitioners who treat pain associated with the musculoskeletal system and spinal alignment. Unlike the average general practitioner, chiropractors use non-invasive technique of joint and spine manipulation.

Chiropractic has gained in popularity recently and there are a number of practitioners. Choosing the right chiropractor for you can be difficult. Here is a list of qualities to seek in a great chiropractor:


What Makes a Great Chiropractor

In order for a chiropractor to effectively treat patients, s/he must have rigorous training, education, and certification. A knowledgeable chiropractor knows how to carefully assess the medical history, posture, and spine of a patient and administer treatment to relieve pain and resolve other physical issues.

Good Communication and Listening Skills

Communication and listening skills are vital to providing medical care. A caring and concerned chiropractor will ask questions to understand the needs of any patient, and articulate the treatment plan options so the patient fully understands their choices.

What Makes a Great Chiropractor


While a great chiropractor is likely to be very busy, it’s important that you’re able to schedule regular appointments until your pain or injury has been resolved. Choose a chiropractic office with a staff that returns phone calls and emails in a timely fashion, and books your next appointment each time you visit.


Showing empathy to a patient in pain helps gain trust. Experienced chiropractors who understand the challenges patients experience are skilled at building trust and easing patient concerns and discomfort.

What Makes a Great Chiropractor

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